Case Studies/Projects

New Aftermarket V84.2 Blade/Vane Manufacturing

Gas turbine blades and vanes deteriorate in service and eventually need replacement. Capital costs for these highly technical parts is a significant portion of the cost of each major overhaul on a gas turbine. Aftermarket suppliers of these parts typically offer a significant cost savings compared to the OEM.

Eta Technologies has recently teamed with Allied Dynamics to offer new aftermarket row 1 and row 2 turbine vanes and blades for the V84.2 gas turbines. Our combined significant experience in the gas turbine blade and vane reverse engineering, manufacture, repair and coating processes, coupled with our extensive in-service knowledge and experience with the V84.2 airfoils (including prior development of first article castings for these same parts ) provides a strong team for this project.

All airfoils will be cast from In738LC, and will include MCrAlY overlay coatings and TBC. Internal aluminide coatings will be used on both vanes and the row 1 blade.

All major airfoil engineering efforts are complete and tooling is in development. Completed airfoils are anticipated in 2015.