Case Studies/Projects

V84.3A2 Combustor Repair

In preparation for their Life Time Extension (LTE) major outage, a V84.3A2 client of Eta Tech was faced with the unattractive options of either purchasing a new combustor outer shell and hub assembly, or sending their existing combustor overseas for repair for three months during the outage. Working closely with this client, Eta Tech provided an independent repair option in which the Scope of Work included:

  • Machining to remove significant fretting damage in the outer shell aft fit to the vane carrier, and addition of wear resistant strips to reclaim dimensions and eliminate future wear
  • Removal of the worn “L” rings in the forward end hub/shell air seal (“dog-bone” seal) fit on both the hub and outer shell, and replacement with wear resistant rings with better fixation
  • Repair of cracks around burner opening and man-ways
  • Repair of cracks and fretting wear at the forward end hub/shell mating surfaces

Eta Tech successfully completed the repair and returned the outer shell and hub assembly to site in 15 days! All critical dimensions were shown to be improved, and no fit-up or assembly issues were encountered. In addition, Eta Tech provided consulting support throughout the major outage to assist the plant owners in technical and schedule oversight.