Case Studies/Projects

V84.2 Combination Burner Quick Response Repair

During an outage, a V84.2 client found that several pilot gas tubes had failed in their combination burners over time in service. Closer inspection revealed a corrosion mechanism as a likely contributor, and this client wished to upgrade the pilot tube material from the standard stainless steel to Inconel 600 nickel alloy. In addition, the burners exhibited other damage such as severe oxidation of the carbon steel oil burner flanges. With no spare burners available for installation, this client required all modification and refurbishment work completed during the outage and off critical path.

Eta Technologies LLC (Eta Tech) was contacted and immediately responded by initiating burner overhaul and sourcing upgrade tubing. Burners were inspected and disassembled with all failed tubes documented. Replacement pilot gas tube “bundles” were fabricated, required weld repairs performed and damaged fittings restored. Reassembly was conducted to install upgrade tubes and repaired oil burner flanges and all burners then final inspected.

Eta Tech completed all material procurement, repair/modification processing and required inspections in 12 days!