Innovative Component Repair Solutions

Turbine Component Repair Services

As with new parts manufacture, Eta Technologies LLC (Eta Tech) can provide component repair & coatings services and add proven value in a variety of commercial arrangements:

  • Turn-key Repair Services – as prime contractor, Eta Tech can handle any required process development, sourcing, inspections, reparability assessments, Scope of Work definition, production process management, scheduling and QA/QC, and deliver sound, serviceable parts back to site!
  • Management of Repair Process Development – for components without established repair processes or sources, Eta Tech can:
    • Define and engineer all steps and the proper sequence of operations to successfully execute the repair.
    • Develop sound acceptance criteria for the repairs being done.
    • Identify the requisite inspection equipment, procedures and employee training to detect all critical part defects.
    • Make sure that all necessary production repair equipment, procedures and personnel are in place, particularly for extremely critical stripping, heat treatment and coating operations.
    • Manage and monitor a carefully engineered First Article (FA) process to ensure that proven and robust processes are in place.
    • Establish a process paperwork system that adequately transfers the customer requirements to the shop floor, controls process flow and quality and facilitates the generation of a meaningful and accurate end-of-job report.
  • Production Repair Process Management and Oversight – Eta Tech personnel have the shop floor level production repair experience to:
    • Manage the important initial “Inspect and Advise (I&A)” process, where reparability, level of repair and the required processing steps are established.
    • Monitor all production processing to ensure that proper repair procedures are followed and quality repaired components are returned to the field.

With decades of component repair experience, Eta Technologies LLC has the capability to provide sound repair services and valuable assistance in improving the quality and costs of your repaired components!

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