"V" Series Outage Support

Eta Technologies LLC (Eta Tech) specializes in products and services to support “V” series gas turbine maintenance. Our experience includes both 60-Hz and 50-Hz models – Vx4.2, Vx4.3, Vx4.3* and Vx4.3A machine types. As such, Eta Tech represents an established alternative to the OEM in providing parts and services to support maintenance outages for most “V” series units. Products and services than can be offered to support major and minor outages include:

  • Outage Planning – parts, technical direction and labor
  • Life Time Extension (LTE) Inspection Planning and Services
  • On-site Technical Direction and Supervision
  • All Required Consumable Parts
  • Tooling – rotor de-stack/re-stack, tie bolt de-tensioning, rotor lifting, front hollow shaft removal, disk and hollow shaft lifting, transition ring installation, etc.
  • Compressor Wheel and Diaphragm Strip/Re-coat
  • Turbine Airfoil Coating Upgrades
  • Capital Spare Parts – Manufacturing & Sourcing Assistance
  • Capital Parts Exchange Programs

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