"Value Add" Engineering and Special Projects

Engineering Projects

Owners/operators of gas turbine power plants are always looking for a competitive advantage through the continuous pursuit of lower life cycle costs. Engineering initiatives directed toward this goal can yield significant benefits, and Eta Technologies LLC (Eta Tech) can help! With many decades of combined experience over a wide range of gas turbine models, Eta Tech can manage or assist in engineering programs such as:

  • Development of gas turbine component definition for aftermarket manufacture of replacement parts, as well as parts re-engineering and management of manufacturing
  • Identification and implementation of design improvements to improve component durability
  • Condition/reparability assessments and repair process development
  • Development and execution of inspection protocol for rotor life time extension
  • Component design review engineering activities and life assessment programs
  • Design and manufacture of specialized tooling to assist in outage execution or component repair
  • Eta Tech has the experience, engineering talent and project management skills to drive your programs to successful completion. Let Eta Tech help you be the fleet leader in engineering innovation and life cycle cost avoidance!

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