Outage Planning, Oversight and Technical Assistance


Regardless of whether the OEM or an independent company is staffing your outage, Eta Technologies LLC can assist you, the owner/operator, in ensuring that maintenance of your equipment is conducted with the highest technical integrity and at a minimum in cost.

When on site during your outage, Eta Technologies LLC can:

  • Help assess opening and closing clearances.
  • Inspect and evaluate parts removed from the machine as well as parts being installed.
  • Provide valuable assistance with component repair/replace decisions.
  • Compile written and photographic documentation of all rotating and stationary parts.
  • Provide daily technical and engineering support based on our years of experience.
  • Monitor work progress to ensure the outage stays on schedule.
  • Assist in formulating current outage strategies and planning for future outages.

During your outages, do you get tired of the daily stream of Extra Work Authorizations (EWA’s) from your outage services contractor? Do you need help in determining whether they are truly technically and economically justified?

Let us help you in making sure all of your detailed planning comes to fruition, and your outage is a success!

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