Failure/Root Cause Analyses

All gas turbine owners/operators fear the worst – a wreck. However, should one occur, it is imperative to know why, and implement corrective actions to preclude recurrence. Eta Technologies LLC (Eta Tech) offers the technical expertise and requisite experience to accurately assess system influences, individual failed components and all available evidence to identify failure root cause. With the assistance of Eta Tech, your questions are answered:

  • What was the first part to fail, and why?
  • Was there a manufacturing defect?
  • Was there a defect or deficiency introduced during a component refurbishment cycle or maintenance outage?
  • Was there an operational event that caused or significantly contributed to failure?
  • Was the failure related to the planned maintenance interval? Was a component simply run too long before replacing it?
  • Is there an inherent component or system design deficiency?
  • What corrective actions are warranted or necessary?
  • Is there an opportunity to not only return the current configuration to service, but to make improvements?

Through the failure analysis process – data and sample collection, utilization of modern mechanical/metallurgical analytical techniques for failure mode determination, FMEA methodology for interpretation and prioritization of findings, recognition of root cause and recommendations for corrective action, Eta Tech can help make your equipment failure a once in a lifetime event.

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