Training Programs

Training Programs – Gas Turbine Component Manufacturing, Repair, Coating and Condition Assessment

In addition to the requisite formal engineering academic credentials, the principals of Eta Technologies LLC (Eta Tech) possess the extensive gas turbine overhaul and maintenance knowledge that only 70 years of combined real life, hands-on, “hard knocks” experience can bring. Given the preponderance of simple and combined cycle gas turbine plants installed over the last decade, and the competitive nature of the wholesale generation market, knowledge is power, and Eta Tech can provide the training necessary to help plant personnel maximize the return on expensive capital parts and minimize life cycle costs!

Training programs can be devised and tailored to provide instruction on:

  • Re-engineering, design, manufacturing process development and sourcing of new aftermarket capital spare parts.
  • Proper inspection and assessment methods used on engine-run components for determination of reparability and QA/QC of shop repair processing.
  • The state-of-the-art metallurgy utilized in advanced gas turbine combustion and hot section parts, and the coating systems critical to protecting them.
  • Capital parts management strategies, and selection and monitoring of current aftermarket new parts and repair suppliers.
  • Tap into the know-how and experience of Eta Tech’s gas turbine maintenance veterans – raise the level of knowledge of your plant or shop personnel and avoid learning lessons the hard way!

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